The winners of the design competition

The design competition has ended and the winners have been announced on February 3, 2023 at a press conference and at Innolux's 30th anniversary event.

1 place: Vesa Nilsson, Alba

2 place : Janita Helenius, Kielo

3 place: Olga Autio, Lempi

Honorable mentions:

Jukka Jokinen & Heikki Konu, Rauha

Sami Kiviharju, Hyrrä


To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Innolux is holding a design competition to find new innovative ideas for its Health and Core product ranges. Our overall selection of products is divided into three ranges: Heritage, Core, and Health. The Heritage range consists of lighting classics by Finnish designers. The Core range consists of inspired contemporary design, while the focus of the Health range is on bright light lamps and red light therapy lamps to promote health.



Competition entrants must design a lamp suitable for industrial production in category 1 or 2 – that is, in the Health and Core product ranges – or can enter both categories if they wish. It is also possible to design a lighting product range for both competition categories. Prototypes of the winning entries will be manufactured and exhibited at the Habitare furniture, interior and design fair in Helsinki in 2023. Innolux intends for the winning entries to become part of its product selection.



‘Bright light lamps are helpful only when used’ The competition task is to design a bright light that consumers will want to use for the long term. Bright light therapy has been proven to be an effective way to improve daily wellbeing during the dark months. The aim is to find solutions for making regular bright light therapy an everyday practice for everyone.

Category 2


‘A modern lighting product range’

The competition task is to design a lamp that is suitable for spaces in the home where people eat and spend most of their time. Ideally, the lamp designed for entry in the competition would be suitable for a range of products (that is, wall, table, floor, pendant or plafond lamps). The lamp must be designed for one or more E27 light source.


The competition is a single-stage open competition for professional and student designers, and is open from June 2, 2022 to November 30, 2022. The competition will be announced and the related information will be published on the competition website on June 2, 2022. The winners will be notified personally by January 11, 2023. The official launch event for the winning entries will take place before the end of February 2023.


The total prize money is €10,500, distributed among the winning proposals as follows:

1st prize €6,000

2nd prize €3,000

3rd prize €1,500

The jury may decide on honorable mentions and, as an exceptional measure and subject to unanimous decision, may decide to distribute the prize money differently.



To maintain competition confidentiality, the identities of all participants must remain confidential. When submitting a proposal, the details of the designer(s) and the pseudonym chosen by each designer to ensure their anonymity must be communicated to Innolux by email to The email must contain the following information: the name of the designer, the chosen pseudonym (consisting of at least five letters), a contact telephone number, an email address, and a postal address.


Entrants must send a short presentation of their proposal (up to three horizontal A3 pages) in PDF format as an email attachment to, clearly describing the idea behind the entry (max. file size 10 MB). Entrants are free to choose the technique for presenting their idea. The presentation should clearly demonstrate the functioning and use of the lamp, its scale, the choice of colors, its dimensions, and any production techniques that are relevant to the work. Entrants are free to submit a prototype or sketch model to complement the presentation, between November 21 and 30, 2022 during office hours (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm), to Innojok’s premises at Sirrikuja 3 L, 00940 Helsinki. Alternatively, entrants can send a 3D-printable 3D file in .stl format along with their presentation. This can be printed out later by Innojok for evaluation. The competition proposal documentation, which must be sent as an email attachment, must be titled with the pseudonym of the entrant and the title of the entry. The pseudonym must consist of at least five letters. Proposals must be sent by November 30, 2022 by email to The subject line of the email must be: Innolux 30 lighting design competition As with all other competition entry material, the prototype/model must be labeled with the pseudonym of the entrant only.


Competitors are welcome to ask questions about the competition program. All questions regarding the competition should be sent by email to . Replies to questions will be published on the competition website within two weeks. Questions received during July will be answered by 15 August.

More detailed rules and instructions for the competition are given in this file.


1. Can architects/building architects participate in the competition?

Yes, architects/architects are allowed to participate in the competition. The rules refer to design professionals and students, but other designers are also welcome to participate in the design competition.

2. Does the product family requirement apply to both categories, or just category two?

Primarily, product family thinking applies to category two. The scalability of the product into a product family is counted as an advantage for the competition proposal.

In category one competition proposal can be a single product. However, you can combine both categories in your proposal by adding a bright light as part of a lighting product family, or by designing a product family consisting of several bright lights.

3. Does the E27 light source requirement apply only for the CORE collection? Is it possible to use something other than E27 for the HEALTH collection products

Only in the competition task of the CORE collection is the lamp designed for an E27 light source (one or more). You can use other options in the proposal of the HEALTH collection.

4. Will applications from abroad and in English be accepted?

Yes, applications from abroad in English are accepted. More detailed information about the competition can be found on the competition's website.


The competition organizer will not return proposals that do not win a prize. The models that have been submitted for the competition can be collected afterwards from Innojok’s premises at Sirrikuja 3 L, 00940 Helsinki, from March 13 to 17, 2023 between 9 am and 4 pm. To ensure that data security and intellectual property rights are respected, the competition organizer undertakes to destroy competition entry materials submitted electronically and the models brought on site afterwards. The competition organizer is not entitled to use any material submitted by competitors without a separate written agreement, except for the presentation of the winning works in various communication channels related to the Innolux 30 lighting design competition from the date of publication.


The awards committee will elect a chairperson from among its members at its first meeting. The members of the jury are:

• Harri Koskinen, industrial designer

• Irina Viippola, industrial designer

• Jukka Jokiniemi, CEO, Innolux

• Joni-Petteri Ikonen, Sales and Marketing Director, Innolux

• Joel Klemetti, designer, Product Development Manager, Innolux

The award committee may enlist additional experts to assist in evaluating the competition entries. However, any such outside experts will not have voting rights in the award committee.


Design manager and designer Pamela Koski is in charge of the practical running of the competition. Email:


The competition is organised by Innojok Oy

business ID: 0946281-8

At Innolux, we want to bring more good light into the world. For us it means especially timelessly classic and functional lamps that create aesthetic joy and genuine well-being around them