RED S device is well suited for local treatment. The device can be conveniently focused on where you want it to work and treat one area at a time. Very convenient for joint, lower back or knee pain, for example. Also great for facial skin care. Because of its size, the device is easily moved, it can be carried around and placed on the desired platform. Place the lamp on a table, sofa, chair, for example, or even hang it on a hook using the cables provided. Use the device for each treatment area for 2-15 minutes at a time at a distance of 10-30 cm from the object to be treated. For example, 5 minutes for the face, 10 minutes for the lower back and 10 minutes for the knee.

LEDs and wavelengths:

30 pcs 660 nm red LEDs
30 pcs 850 nm near-infrared LEDs

Irradiance and treatment area:

15 cm distance -> 79 mW/cm² & 38cm x 36cm
30 cm distance -> 50 mW/cm² & 66cm x 61cm

  • SKU: 780300
    • Material: steel and plastic
    • Colour: white
    • Size: 31x21x7 cm
    • Power: 90 W
    • Weight: 2,3 kg
    • Cord: 150 cm
    • Light source: LED

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