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RED XL saves you time when you want your whole body to get the same treatment effects at the same time. Thanks to the large size of the lamp, the treatment is faster, as light is emitted over a large area at once and does not need to be focused on different parts of the body. Light penetrates deep into the tissues and effectively treats different pain states at the cellular level. You can put the device on the floor or hang it on a hook and enjoy the treatment for 10-15 minutes a day.

LEDs and wavelengths:

100 pcs 660 nm red LEDs
100 pcs 850 nm near-infrared LEDs

Irradiance and treatment area:

15 cm distance -> 97 mW/cm² & 102cm x 36cm
30 cm distance -> 65 mW/cm² & 132cm x 61cm

  • SKU: 781000
    • Material: steel and plastic
    • Colour: white
    • Size: 91x21x7 cm
    • Power: 300 W
    • Weight: 8,6 kg
    • Cord: 150 cm
    • Light source: LED

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