The angular Innolux Sipuli pendant lamp is madefrom blown opal glass and received a gold medal at the Milan Triennial in 1954. The symmetrical and harmonious Sipuli is particularly suitable forgeneral lighting or for installation in groups in, for instance, large lobbies. The name comes from the Finnish word for onion, which the lamp form resembles.

  • SKU: 310509
    • Size: Ø 250 mm, k 340 mm
    • Power: 1 ×  max 35 W
    • Lamp base: E27
    • Material: Glass
    • Weight: 1,3 kg
    • Cord lenght: 1,5 m

    Lisa Johansson-Pape’s career as a designer was long and varied. Johansson-Pape’s career in the design of light fixtures began in 1942 when she designed a number of contemporary design light fixtures for the Stockmann-Orno
    design light factory, among others. Johansson-Pape also served as artistic director at Orno. ”It was quite by accident that I became a design light artist. By education, I am a furniture designer, but I had to make lamps during the
    war. The light fixtures began to interest me to such an extent that I set aside furniture design. I am slightly more interested in lamps and light than in design. I wish to provide every Finnish household with good light”.

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