UVC finish disinfection cabinet

€199,00 €389,00

The UVC finish disinfection cabinet for face masks, developed, tested and manufactured in Finland, is intended for disinfecting your own face mask, such as a surgical mask and the FFP2 mask. After as little as 12 minutes, the microbiological purity requirements are met (according to EN 14683 -standard)

The cabinet is easy and quick to use, after a total of 12 minutes of irradiation, the mask is ready for re-use. The mask treatment can be repeated 10 times if there is no visible dirt in the mask. Disinfection does not remove dirt, such as grease, and dirt impairs disinfection performance.Read more about the UVC finish disinfection cabinet here
  • SKU: FIN001
    • Outer dimensions:: 8,8 x 38 x 38 cm2
    • Material: steel
    • 12 min UVC dose: at least 1200 mJ/cm2
    • Colour: white
    • Weight: 4,7 kg
    • Warranty: 2 years


    See instruction manual.

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