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Selection and placement of a bright light therapy lamp

Are you considering buying a bright light therapy lamp, but you’re not quite sure which to choose? Innolux has the answer! In this article, an Innolux lighting design expert will share a few easy but effective tips to help you choose what suits you best and get the most out of your bright light therapy lamp!

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing a bright light therapy lamp, including the following:

1. Appearance

Choose a bright light therapy lamp that’s a pleasure to look at, even when it is turned off.

If a lamp meets this requirement, it won’t spoil your interior decor, and you certainly won’t need to hide it away anywhere after each use. To make life as easy as possible, it’s probably most convenient to have the bright light therapy lamp in a prominent position as part of your home decor. That way, you’ll be sure to get the full benefit of it.

2. Treatment distance and lighting power

Consider whether you want to enjoy the benefits of bright light therapy at close range, or whether more than one person could benefit from the energising effect of the treatment at the same time.

A good rule of thumb is that the more powerful and larger the bright light therapy lamp is, the greater the treatment distance can be. The smallest lamps provide effective treatment when working at a desk or table, for example. Larger and more powerful bright light therapy lamps, such as a ceiling-mounted lamp, can benefit several people at the same time, for example over breakfast.

The lighting power and recommended treatment distances are given in the description of each lamp model.

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The benefits of bright light for the whole family

If you want the whole family to have the benefit of bright light therapy, the kitchen is an ideal place to use it. Bright light that radiates from near the ceiling evenly across the room will give everyone a more energetic start to their day, even during the darkest and dreariest days of winter. Everyone is sure to notice the positive effects of the treatment within the first few weeks – and will certainly feel the benefit throughout the entire autumn and winter.

Product recommendations:

Innolux’s Candeo and Candeo Air bright light therapy lamps are great options to add a further touch of refinement to your home decor while also enjoying the health benefits of bright light. These ceiling-mounted design luminaires are also excellent general lights and reading lights, as you can change the colour temperature from intense bright to more subdued and cosier mood lighting. Candeo bright light lamps are an excellent choice for many kinds of spaces, such as the kitchen, dining room or living room.

Innolux’s Candeo is the first ceiling-mounted bright light therapy lamp on the market. This attractive luminaire won an honourable mention at the Fennia Prize 14 exhibition in 2014 and the award for best luminaire of the year in 2013 from Divaani, a Finnish interior design magazine. The Candeo Air is a flatter, LED version of the Candeo.


The benefits of bright light therapy for individual use
If you are looking for a bright light therapy lamp primarily for your own use, a model for placing on a tabletop or desktop or the floor may be just the thing for you. Because the device should be used during the dark months, especially in the mornings, good places to use it are at the desk or other working area where you will be spending time in the mornings, or at the kitchen or dining room dining table, or at a makeup table.

You don’t have to look directly at the bright light, but it does need to be directed at you to provide the most benefit. So you can enjoy bright light treatment while you work, read the morning paper or do your hair. For you to get the full benefit of bright light therapy, it is enough for the lamp to be in your field of vision and at a suitable distance.

Product recommendations:

Innolux’s Valovoima table lamps, Valovoima floor lamp and Valovoima Mini are very popular choices, especially for desks or workstations. These timelessly elegant lamps are the work of designer Harri Koskinen. You can easily direct or dim your Valovoima bright light therapy lamp depending on whether you need energising bright light in the morning and normal good working light in the afternoon, for example. Read more >>

The Innolux Tubo bright light therapy lamp takes up very little space and is easily portable. The design is sleek, and the warm wood is the perfect contrast to the cool clean light. This lamp will bring a feeling of harmony and closeness to nature to any desk, reading corner or as part of your home decor. The lamp is easily adjusted to switch between bright light for therapy in the morning and pleasant mood lighting for the evening. Read more >>

“Our bright light therapy lamps provide an excellent balance between good-quality working and reading light, health-promoting bright light and soft mood light, with just a few simple adjustments.”

Reading tip: Light for remote working!

Bright light in the office for the good of employees and customers alike
Good-quality work lights and bright light lamps that have proven health benefits are a popular way to create a pleasant setting for employees in the office. High-quality lighting is essential for concentration, eye health and alertness. And when you add to this the benefits of bright light therapy, you will have more energy and find it easier to cope even during the darkest months of the northern winter. Bright light therapy lamps are suitable for break rooms, workstations, meeting rooms and lobbies for the benefit of both employees and visitors.

Product recommendations:

The Innolux Valovoima table lamp is a sure-fire choice for work desks or other workstations. Valovoima is a familiar sight in offices, libraries and at stylish customer service counters, among other places. The lamp leaves plenty of space on the desk, and can even fit behind a computer monitor. The intense light keeps the mind pleasantly stimulated, and also makes it easier to do work that requires particular attention to detail. Read more >>

The Innolux Supernova LED is our most powerful bright light therapy lamp. The treatment distance is long, which makes Supernova suitable for shared areas also when placed on the floor or mounted on the wall. This allows more people to enjoy the benefits of bright light therapy and good work light at the same time. With the Supernova, you are sure to feel the invigorating effects of powerful bright light therapy, on the darkest mornings. Stepless push-button dimming enables varied use of a large lighting surface, from bright light to working light and relaxing mood lighting.

The Innolux Supernova LED was judged the best in a test of bright light therapy lamps by the Finnish technology magazine Tekniikan maailma in 2019. Read more >>

Order Finnish-made bright light therapy lamps from the Innolux online store
In addition to the examples mentioned, you will find more excellent options in our online store. You can’t go wrong with our bright light therapy lamps, as each one is designed to provide both high-quality general lighting and health-enhancing bright light. And thanks to the stylishness and beauty of their design, every Innolux bright light lamp is also a timeless interior design element for everyday pleasure – Finnish design at its best.

On the ceiling or wall
Innolux Candeo and Candeo Air bright light therapy lamps

On the table or floor
Innolux Valovoima table lamp

Innolux Valovoima floor lamp

Innolux Tubo

Innolux Origo LED

Bright light on the go
Innolux Valovoima Mini

Innolux Epic

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