Northern light power

We Northern nations know how important light is not only for sight but also for well-being. At Innolux, we want to bring more good light into the world.


Behind the Innolux brand is Innojok Oy, founded in 1993. Innojok is a Finnish lighting manufacturer and lighting expert. Our luminaires represent timeless Scandinavian style, quality and functionality. The designers of our luminaires include both the most promising, interesting names in Finland today and the most known designers from the golden age of the 1950s and 1960s. The timeless classics in our reproduction are a significant part of Finnish lighting history. We are proud to take care of the lighting design classics entrusted to us, and we are just as excited to develop and create something new. The Innolux product family is constantly growing and evolving. Great products, competent and fair customer service and fast delivery altogether have made Innojok the leading lighting company in Finland. Our professionalism has also led to extensive collaboration with architects, interior designers and engineers.

Innolux collections

Innolux has three main collections Innolux Heritage, Innolux Health and Innolux Core.

We also have a wide range of timeless design lighting fixtures suitable for public facilities. Our products are adaptable for different projects and we can manufacture custom-made lamps for special projects.

Genuinely domestic

For us, at Innolux it is important to design and manufacture high-quality design luminaires and bright light devices domestically, in Finland. More than 80% of our production is of Finnish origin. Through our operations, we have earned the right to use the Key Flag symbol and Design from Finland mark. Innolux is employer for approximately 20 people, and our own luminaire production takes place in Kerava. In addition, through our domestic subcontracting network, we employ twice as many people. We are making a huge effort when looking for partners in Finland to implement the work steps included in the luminaires. Our subcontractors all over Finland manufacture various lighting components and domes for us. All packaging and printing materials for our products are also made and printed in Finland. Innolux contributes to Finnish design, innovation and craftsmanship. The designers of Innolux lamps are among Finland's most famous and respected. Innolux also offers a unique opportunity for young designers to express their own views on good lighting and luminaire design.