Artist, designer (1925-1984)

Yki Nummi

Yki Nummi was one of the most significant Scandinavian lighting designers in the 1950s and 1970s. He was in many ways a talented artist and designer who designed all household goods. After the war Nummi first studied mathematics and physics at university. In addition to this, he graduated as a decorative painter at the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 1950. Based on his education he had a solid theoretical knowledge of light and the relationship between light and color. Yki Nummi worked as a lighting designer at the Stockmann-Orno factory from 1950 to 1975 and designed hundreds of luminaires there. The most famous Nummi lamps in the world are the Modern Art table lamp 1955, which was also acquired by the New York Museum of Contemporary Art as a novelty in its collections in 1957, and the Seagull pendant lamp from 1960. In addition to lighting and luminaire design, Nummi was a respected color expert. He was responsible for the coloring of several major public buildings, churches and residential areas in Finland. Nummi also worked for Schildt & Hallberg's Tikkurila paint factory, where he managed the factory's coloring service from 1958 to 1975. In this role, he participated in the product development of an innovative color mixing system, which resulted in the Joker color chart. Nummi participated in many exhibitions and fairs. At the Milan Triennials in 1954 and 1957, his work was awarded a gold medal. In 1971, Yki Nummi was awarded the ProFinlandia Prize.
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Lisa Johansson-Pape

Furniture-, textile - and interior designer (1907-1989)


Lisa Johansson-Pape graduated as a furniture designer in 1927. Her career as a designer was long and wide-ranging. Johansson-Pape's furniture was very functional. Her design was based on the durability of the infrastructure.
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Designer, p. 1983

Katriina Nuutinen

Katriina Nuutinen studied art and design at the Aalto University School of Art and Design and graduated with a master's degree in art in 2011. She has completed her studies at Stockholm's Konstfack in 2009 as an exchange student.
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Designer 1970

Harri Koskinen

Harri Koskinen studied design at the Lahti Institute of Design and the University of Art and Design Helsinki. In 1998, he founded a studio called Friends of Industry, which specializes in product and concept design as well as exhibition architecture.
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Pasila Design, designer, 1977


Juho Pasila is a designer by profession and specializes in furniture design. Pasila’s design is experimental, and he makes almost all the prototypes without exception himself.
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Carpenter, design student, 1988


Jarkko Oja began studying design at Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2010, the same year he graduated as a carpenter. In its design, Oja values ​​practicality and sustainability.
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Artist, designer, 1949

Pauli Partanen

Pauli Partanen is known for his unique glass items, ceramics and sculptures. Partanen's production is in numerous collections in public entities and companies, both in Finland and abroad.
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Tapio Anttila (1962)

Tapio Anttila

Tapio Anttila is an interior designer and artist. He is known for his simple, even ascetic design style, spiced with a touch of humor. Tapio Anttila has won several international design awards and was chosen as the furniture designer of the year in Finland in 2012.
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Interior architect, professor, 1932

Eero aarnio

Eero Aarnio is one of the great innovators of modern furniture design. The characteristics of Aarnio's design are playful and reduced forms and fresh colours. Furthermore, his design seek solutions that are economically sustainable both from the view of the owners of his design objects and production technologies.
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Artist, designer (1915-1985)

Tapio Wirkkala

The internationally acclaimed artist Tapio Wirkkala (1915–1985) is a leading figure in modern Finnish industrial art and one of its most respected designers. A prize winner at several Milan Triennial art and design exhibitions, he was awarded the Pro Finlandia Medal in 1955 and the honorary title of Academician in 1972. 

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Industrial designers

Jukka Jokinen & Heikki Konu

Jukka Jokinen and Heikki Konu are internationally awarded industrial designers. The designers who graduated with Master's degrees from Aalto University's School of Arts, Design and Architecture are among the top in the new Nordic design and have been nominated for the Formex Nova award.
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Matti Syrjälä

Matti Syrjälä’s design philosophy is to create products that will last for long and still maintain a contemporary feel for years ahead. It was in art school that Syrjälä came to realise that his chosen area of expertise would be creating functional forms for everyday objects.


Yrjö Kukkapuro

Professor and interior architect Yrjö Kukkapuro (born in 1933) is one of Finland’s best-known and most-awarded furniture designers, as well as a key modernist, who generally has a very functional approach to design. During his distinguished career, which began in the mid-1950s, Kukkapuro has received several important titles and prizes, including the Pro Finlandia prize in 1983, the Kaj Franck Design Prize in 1995, membership of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) in 2002 and the Finnish State Prize in 2017.
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