Valovoima pöytävalaisin Valkoinen Kirkasvalolaite Innolux


Designer, born 1970
Harri Koskinen studied design in Lahti University of Applied Sciences and University of Art and Design in Helsinki. In 1998 he founded studio called Friends of Industry, which specialises in producing product and concept design as well as installation architecture. He has designed for many different labels and companies, across many types of article from furniture to cookware, as well as commercial packaging. Harri Koskinen has been awarded many prestigious international and Finnish design awards since the start of his career.


The Innolux Valovoima is a Finnish dimmable lamp that also functions as a bright light device. The lamp is a prime example of Harri Koskinen's work. The light direction is easily adjusted, and the dimmer makes the Innolux Valovoima ideal as either a normal desktop light, a mood creator, or a bright light device. The product line also includes a table lamp and mini table lamp.