Diamond pendant


Themouth-blown graceful glass dome of the Diamond light fixture emphasizes theiconic shape of the WIR-105 light source. Diamond is part of Tapio Wirkkala'scollection of glass light fittings and works excellently as part of theinterior, hung both individually and in groups. The light fixture consists ofan opal glass LED light source, a clear glass dome and a brushed steelluminaire holder. The package includes a dimmable WIR-105 light source, a glassdome, a lamp holder, a transparent cord, a lamp plug and a roof cup.

  • SKU: 340180

    • Colour: clear
    • Size: 203 x 234 mm
    • Power: 6 W
    • Lamp base: E27
    • Material: brushed steel , glass
    • IP class: IP 20
    • Including light source: Yes
    • Weight: 1.04 kg
    • Cord length: 3 m

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