Yki 600 Musta Plafondi Innolux

Yki 600

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Innolux Yki is a classic that has been put back into production. Its clear white acrylic shade is jazzed up by a black centre disc...

Väri: White

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Design from Finland


WiZ Pro A60 E27 TW 8W 230V 

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WiZ Pro A60 E27 RGBTW 8W 230V

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Yki 600 plafondi Innolux
Tekniset tiedot

Dimensions: Ø 600, 130 mm
Total power: 4 × max 35W
Lamp type: E27
IP classification: IP20
Weight: 2.16 kg
Dimmability: yes, by choosing a dimmable lamp and a compatible dimmer. Can also be used without the dimming feature.


  • Acrylic


Akryyli: On an acrylic surface, you can use the general household cleaners that you can already find in your cupboard, with a PH value between 6 and 9. Note that acrylic is an easily scratched material, so choose a detergent that does not rub. An acrylic Innolux lamp, for exampleBubbleslight , you can clean it most easily with a mild dishwashing detergent solution or completely without detergent. For wiping, use a damp cleaning cloth, for example a microfiber cloth. The dust blower is the easiest way to remove dust from the lamp.


Yki Nummi

Yki Nummi oli yksi merkittävimmistä skandinaavisista valaisinsuunnittelijoista 1950–70-luvuilla. Hän oli monipuolisesti lahjakas taiteilija ja muotoilija, joka suunnitteli kaikkea kodin käyttötavaraa.