Innolux 30 – Designin kirkkainta juhlaa

Innolux 30 – the brightest celebration of design

Innolux 30 – the whole year is full of reasons to be cheerful! With the certainty of the round numbers that represent the passing decades, Innolux kicked off the festivities by raising a toast in the bright sunshine, enjoying the good company and relaxed atmosphere.

The Museum of Technology, which served as a venue for celebrations on The Day of Light, 3 February 2023, is located on the edge of the Vanhankaupunginkoski rapids in the birthplace of Helsinki, Kuninkaankartano island, where Gustav Vasa founded the city in 1550. The former waterworks, a bright brick building with its own significant industrial history, provided a wonderful, easily customizable setting for the event.

The Innolux 30 anniversary launches include many exciting new Finnish luminaire models. A high-level competition was held in collaboration with Ornamo, and drew a record number of more than 150 entries. The winners were announced in the presence of honorary jury members Harri Koskinen and Irina Viippola.

1st place: Vesa Nilsson – Alba

The Alba lamp has something of the appearance of the floppy hat of the Snufkin character from the Moomins, a touch of red coneflower in bloom, and the timeless style of Innolux. But nothing superfluous. The shape was created from a single line, which, after some experimentation and paring down of options, was chosen as the basis for the Alba series of luminaires.

Vesa Nilsson is a designer, Master of Arts and silversmith with over 30 years of experience in product and jewelry design. For Nilsson, the most important qualities are the skills needed to work with his hands and the desire to learn new things.

Innolux Suunnittelukilpailu 2023 voittaja Alba Vesa Nilsson

2nd place: Janita Helenius – Kielo

This luminaire gets its distinctive look from the shape of the slits in the dome, inspired by nature, and the downward-curving leg that is especially reminiscent of the lily of the valley.

Janita Helenius is a second-year industrial design student from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, whose competition entry originated from a project course in product design. Janita finds the formation of shadow and light especially intriguing.

Innolux suunnittelukilpailu 2023 2sija Kielo Janita Helenius

3rd place: Olga Autio – Lempi

It is a pleasure to always have your favorite bright light device on display, so that the good feeling it offers becomes a natural, integral part of everyday life. Blending into a wide variety of interiors, the visually pleasing appearance plays with the contrast of a soft and straightforward shape.

Olga Autio is a soon-to-graduate industrial design student from Helsinki, who is inspired by the combination of old and new, traditional manufacturing methods and various natural materials. 

Innolux suunnittelukilpailu2023 3sija Lempi Olga Autio

Honorable mention: Jokinen Konu – Rauha

The most distinctive feature of the Rauha luminaire is the scalable, acoustic surface area that also serves as a surface for indirect lighting. The luminaire creates a wonderful atmosphere, combining a spotlight with the softer light distributed by the perforation of the metal tube.

Jukka Jokinen and Heikki Konu are internationally awarded industrial designers whose work focuses on product, spatial and furniture design. They are characterized by wide-ranging mastery of glass, wood and other materials.

Innolux suunnittelukilpailu2023 kunniamaininta Rauha JokinenKonu

Honorable mention: Sami Kiviharju – Hyrrä (spinning top)

The light source is boldly part of the luminaire’s design language, so that the light that remains inside it is reflected from the inner surface of the dome and scatters through the diffusing acrylic sheet to form a beautiful shimmering ring around the lamp.

Sami Kiviharju is an industrial designer for whom the most crucial things in design are inspiration, practicality, and the minimalism that embodies the functionality of the design item.

Innolux suunnittelukilpailu2023 kunniamaininta Hyrrä Sami Kiviharju

Innolux’s range is divided into three parts: Heritage, Core, and Health. The Heritage range consists of lighting classics by Finnish designers; the Core range consists of inspired contemporary design; and the focus of the Health range is on bright light lamps and red light therapy lamps to promote health. The finished appearance of the new models selected for production from among the competition entries will be on display at the Innolux stand at the Habitare furniture, design and decoration fair in September 2023.

“In addition to the form, the manufacturability and the possibility to make the product in Finland took center stage,” says Innolux CEO Jukka Jokiniemi. “The challenge turned out to be that the design has not already been launched somewhere else before. A lot of good designs were among those eliminated for this reason.”

“The different works highlighted slightly different selection criteria. We did, of course, reflect on the brief and how well each proposal met it,” says Innolux Product Manager Joel Klemetti. “The winner, Alba, was of a very high aesthetic and design standard and was more or less ready for production. Kielo, for example, can be scaled up nicely into a product family and different variations.”