Lahjaideat, joilla et voi mennä pieleen


Do suitable gift ideas, or lack thereof,cause you stress every year? Everyone knows the feeling when the thought of giving yet another pair of socks, boxers, chocolates or jewelry just becomes unbearable.

We put together gift ideas to help you solve this problem. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that the gift will bring joy and be useful.

Choose a surefire gift:

  • for those who value well-being and beauty
  • for those interested in technology
  • to the decorator or 
  • for those who value sustainable choices and Finnish design 


In our gift ideas, you will find an alternative for anyone who is even somewhat interested in their own well-being and health, needs a boost against winter fatigue or likes to have eye-catching interior elements in their home.

These are our Finnish bright light devices and red light therapy lamps, which we manufacture at our factory in Kerava. They are design luminaires suitable for many interiors.

Our state-of-the-art luminaires also appeal to those interested in technology. Our bright light devices got a triple win in the bright light test carried out by the Finnish technology-focused magazine “Tekniikan maailma” in 2019, so their technical features are sure to impress. 

We favor long-lasting LEDs with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours in our luminaires. This mean the gift recipient receivesan efficient and safe luminaire with minimal electricity consumption.

Epic Bright Light Therapy Lamp

At the moment, Finns are really into bright light devices. They help fight fatigue symptoms and keep the mind refreshed through long periods of darkness we endure in the winter. A bright light device is an ideal gift for a person who is experiencing a decrease in their energy levels and endurance as the amount of light diminishes.

Bright lights also help with sleep problems - when used in the morning, the bright light helps you start your day,and in the evening the effect of melatonin, known as a sleep hormone, begins at just the right time. Many have found it easier to fall asleep and sleep more soundly at night.

It is worth noting that wake-up lights do not offer the benefits of bright light devices. So, if the gift recipient already happens to have a wake-up light, they will likely also appreciate an effective bright light device. Epic Bright Light also acts as a good overall luminaire and is an elegant addition to the interior.

Valovoima Mini

Valovoima Mini offers the full benefits of bright light devices in a compact package. The lamp is a great choice for an active, on-the-go person. The Mini is handy to take with you to the office or on a trip. Easy setup: just place the lamp on a suitable level, such as a table, and press the bright light on. The stylish leather strap also allows the lamp to be hung on a wall, for example.

The recipient is sure to enjoy the adjustment feature: the intensity of the light can be easily dimmed to create a softer mood as the day goes on.

Red Go Red light therapy lamp

Is the gift recipient interested in beauty, well-being and the latest innovations in the fields? A red light therapy lamp is definitely a spot on choice for them.

Red light treatments are typically offered in beauty salons and, for example, as part of the sauna experience in spas. But now the benefits of red light therapy are readily available at home.With regular use, red light promotes healthy skin, hair growth and, among other things, muscle recovery.

The Red Go red light therapy lamp is the perfect size, effective and safe treatment device - and it looks good. The popularity of red light therapy lamps is growing rapidly right now. With Red Go, you are sure to impress a recipient interested in their own well-being. The included user-friendly instructions ensure that the recipient can start enjoying the benefits of their new device immediately.


We have nearly 30 years of experience in the research and design of health-enhancing luminaires. We have thought out everything in our products so that you can make a carefree and safe choice.

Each of our products has been carefully designed by top Nordic designers. We also choose the high quality materials ourselves. 

Once you find your favorite, you can order the product directly from our online store and we will deliver it to you at no postage. If you wish, you can contact us directly and confirm the delivery time with us.

If these gift ideas didn’t yet offer a suitable alternative, check out our full selection here.