”Halu luoda uutta, joka jää elämään” – tuoreiden ajattomien klassikoiden takana on muotoilutoimisto Jokinen Konu Design

“The desire to create new things that live on” - Jokinen Konu Design on creating fresh timeless classics

- Luminaires are always visible, so it is not insignificant what they look like when turned off. Designing a luminaire while considering its position as a spatial element is fascinating, say the designers of the award-winning Innolux Multi pendant lamp.

The novelty of Innolux's Core collection, the stylish Multi series designed by Jukka Jokinen and Heikki Konu is based on a new, modular glass-blowing mold. Made of mouth-blown glass, the Innolux Multi pendant lamp is not only a high-quality luminaire that produces good light, but also a beautiful and elegant home decoration element. The award-winning Multi luminaire is available in three sizes (S, M and L) and two colors (black and white). The aesthetics of the minimalist and clear cut Multi collection embody Nordic design principles and way of thinking of its designers.

- We want to make the world more functional, but that shouldn’t equal to ignoring aesthetics, say the designers of Innolux Multi pendant lamp Jukka Jokinen and Heikki Konu. -Working with our hands fascinates both of us. We want to solely design objects that are timeless as well as easy on the eyes. More often than not, the process begins with some mundane observation of how something could be done better.

- Natural shapes and materials inspire, although we don’t want to copy them directly. Functionalism and the Bauhaus holistic thinking are prominent values even in this time. Glass as a material is unique and fascinating, it can create shapes that are not possible by any other means, they say. 

The size and color options of the Multi pendant lamps are a surprising combination due to their scant aesthetics. The jewelry-like white beauty changes into an architectural and sculptural black lamp by a simple change of color. The white opal glass also illuminates its surroundings softly and gently, as the restricted halo of the Multi is directed primarily downwards. Black glass is fascinating and paradoxical when used in a luminaire- the opaque material gives a completely different impression of the same shape, as can be seen by looking at the two color variations of Multi pendant lamps. 

One of the many benefits of working together is throwing around ideas and then refining them: discussion is an integral part of a design agency’s design process. - Of course, sketching is important, but even more important is the holistic communication through the various stages that lead to the refinement of the design in question. Alternation is also typical when working in a glass cabin, where it is a key part of the process, Jokinen and Konu explain.

The colleagues met for the first time at Aalto University's entrance exams. Although their fields of study differed, they got acquainted through joint lectures and courses, the most significant of which was glassblowing, considering their current careers. Already during the first experiments, the enthusiasm that ended up fueling the creation of the Sula table light and the Multi lamp family in its current state was ignited. - The process has changed from doing things on our own to collaborating with craft professionals, but once you’ve caught the soul of a glass, its magical charm will hardly ever go out.