Palautumisen ja suorituskyvyn vahvistaminen lähi-infrapunavalolla: 3 hyötyä urheilijalle

Enhance recovery and performance with near-infrared light: three benefits for sportspeople

Red light therapy involves red light (600-700 nm), which is one of the wavelengths of sunlight and near infrared (850 nm), which is invisible to the naked eye. The red light device emits red light and near-infrared light from close range and penetrates the body at the cellular level, causing numerous positive health effects.

Most light wavelengths, such as ultraviolet and blue, do not extend beyond the skin’s surface layers or are absorbed in them completely. Red light and near-infrared light penetrate more deeply than the surface of the skin, thus reaching the cell mitochondria, which are responsible for cellular respiration. Cellular energy production (ATP) is activated as the cells receive more nutrition and the body functions more efficiently. Red light therapy, which does not use dangerous UV rays or excess heat, has been proven a safe treatment option.

Benefits of red light therapy

Thousands of studies have been conducted on red-light and near-infrared therapy. The effects have been tested on both animals and humans. There are tremendous examples in the scientific literature of how red light or near infrared has protected cells and enhanced their metabolism with no negative effects.

• Better skin condition

• Faster scar healing

• Higher levels of collagen

• Hair growth

• Treatment of pain conditions (Joint and muscle pain, lower back pain, etc.)

• Improved muscle performance during exercise

• Faster recovery after exercise

How to use a device

  • Treatment time: 2-15 min per day
    Therapy distance: 10-30 cm
  • Approx. 5-7 times per week
  • The device should be used on exposed area of skin

Place the device 10–30 cm from the exposed area of ​​skin where you want the light treatment to be applied . If you wish, you can close your eyes or wear protective glasses during light therapy. Red light overdose has no side effects. If recommended treatment time is exceeded, it may erase the benefit gained.

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