Kirkasvalo, punavalo vai sarastusvalo?

Bright light lamps, red light lamps or wake-up lamps?

Do you ever wonder about how different lighting choices differ from each other, and what would be the best for you? To many, bright light therapy lamps, red light therapy lamps and wake-up lamps sound somewhat familiar, and perhaps equally appealing. However, when you buy a lamp that promises health benefits, you deserve to know exactly what you’re paying for.

Learn about bright light therapy lamps, red light therapy lamps and wake-up lamps, and choose the most suitable option for you!

Bright light fights fatigue and lifts the mood during the dark winter months

Research has shown that bright light has numerous health-promoting effects. The most significant benefits are the relief of the symptoms of winter depression and increased alertness and energy during the dark months. Bright light is an effective replacement for sunlight during the winter and is invigorating in the mornings in particular. At the same time, regular exposure to bright light helps regulate the body’s own production of melatonin and the body’s natural sleep-wake rhythm, which relieves sleeping difficulties in the evenings and at night.

However, it’s not just any bright light that can provide these benefits: the light level intensity, or illuminance, must be high enough, at least 2,500 lux. For example, most wake-up lamps on the market do not have the required illuminance to be beneficial to the health. Innolux bright light devices have an illuminance of as much as 10,000 lux. This produces a colour temperature of 4000 kelvin (K), which is pure bright light. With our bright light devices, you can enjoy effective bright light treatment conveniently at home.

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Red light treats the skin and tissues safely
Near-infrared light can be used as a form of treatment all year round. It effectively penetrates muscle cells through the skin. It has many therapeutic uses, for example enhancing muscle performance and recovery, relieving pain, inflammation and stress injuries, and treating baldness and acne.

Exposure to near-infrared light is also used to slow the signs of aging, as it has been found to stimulate the body’s own production of collagen. Some research findings also suggest that red light, in appropriate amounts, protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Innolux red light devices use two health-enhancing wavelengths of light, giving the benefits of both red light and near-infrared light at the same time.

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Wake-up lamps start your day, but do not have the benefits of bright light therapy
Bedside lamps are a familiar form of wake-up lamp, and are used above all as a means of gradually waking up in the mornings. A wake-up lamp can be a more pleasant way to get you out of bed than an alarm clock or phone alarm.

However, wake-up lamps are not bright light devices, and do not provide the same health benefits. Because the stimulating effects of bright light are only achieved with a sufficiently high illuminance (at least 2,500 lux), wake-up lamps are typically no more stimulating than an alarm clock or mood lighting. This being so, once you are already awake, wake-up lamps no longer provide the same invigorating effect in the morning or the rest of the day as a bright light therapy lamp, and have not been found to have an significant effect sleep problems or symptoms of winter depression, for example.

Bright light:

prevents and reduces fatigue during the dark winter months
stimulates and energises the body
alleviates sleep problems
has been studied for more than 30 years – proven benefits to human health
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Red light and near-infrared light:

are safe for therapeutic use
have beneficial effects deep within the tissues at cellular level
enhance cellular energy production
Red light has been found in studies to be positively associated with:
reduction of wrinkles and increased collagen production
increased hair growth
enhanced muscle recovery, prevention of injury and improved muscle performance
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Wake-up lights

awaken by gradually increasing the light
do not provide the benefits of bright light therapy for increasing alertness and alleviating the symptoms of winter depression
Order bright light therapy lamps and red light therapy lamps from Innolux
Innolux’s bright light therapy lamps lights are both therapeutic devices, and mood and interior lighting. During the dark winter months in particular, you can use the bright light therapy lamp to do you good in the morning, and in the evening dim it to provide atmospheric lighting, on the bedside table for reading, for instance. This gives you the best of both worlds. Best of all, bright light has a powerfully invigorating effect that research has shown to have genuine health benefits.

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Innolux near-infrared lights allow you to treat your skin and muscles at home or on the go, as there are a variety of sizes to choose from. The red light and near-infrared light from the treatment devices penetrate the layers of your skin, activating natural energy production in the cells, giving them more nourishment and enhancing your body’s functioning.

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