The power of the Northern light

We northerners know how important light is not only for seeing, but also for well-being. At Innolux, we want to bring more good light into the world.


Innolux is the brand name of Innojok Oy, a Finnish lighting manufacturer and lighting specialist that was established in 1993. For us it is important that our products create good light and atmosphere to allspaces and needs.

The timeless Innolux products are designed to last from one generation to the next. More than 80 % of the production takes place in Finland. The beautiful design and high quality makes Innolux products a long-lasting source of wellbeing to your home.

Light plays an essential role in our lives. It brings us safety, comfort, wellbeing and health. Innolux products provide good, glare-free light, and assist in special-needs when required. Innojok has three collections: Innolux Heritage, Innolux Core, and Innolux Health.

Innolux product family continues to grow and develop. Great products, talented and fair customer service, and fast delivery times have made Innolux the leading provider of lighting solutions on our Finnish home market. Our expertise has also led to wide cooperation with architects, interior designers, and engineers.


Innolux's three lighting collections are Innolux HeritageInnolux Health ja Innolux Core. lnnolux also has a wide selection of timeless design lamps suitable for public spaces, with top-class lighting properties. Our products can be modified according to the project, and we also manufacture lamps to order.


For us at Innolux, it is a matter of our heart to design and manufacture high-quality design lamps and bright light equipment in Finland. More than 80% of our production is of Finnish origin. We have also earned the right to use the Avainlippu and Design from Finland brands.

About 20 people work at Innolux, and our own lighting production takes place in Kerava. Through the domestic subcontracting network, we also employ twice that number of people. We see a huge amount of effort when looking for partners operating in Finland to carry out the work steps involved in the lighting. Our subcontractors around Finland manufacture various lighting components and domes for us. All the packaging and printing materials for our products are also made and printed in Finland.

Innolux does its part to promote Finnish design, innovation and craftsmanship. The designers of Innolux lamps include Finland's most renowned designers. Innolux also offers a unique opportunity for young designers to present their own vision of good light and lighting design.

Our operations are certified according to quality standard 9001:2015. Our quality management system has been checked for the production of bright lights and found to be suitable.