Innolux collections


Kupoli pöytävalaisin Valkoinen Pöytävalaisin Innolux
Belle riippuvalaisin Riippuvalaisin Innolux
The classics included in the new Innolux production are significant part of Finnish lighting history. The designers of Innolux lamps Lisa Johansson-Pape, Tapo Wirkkala and Yki Nummi are one of the most famous and talented contemporary Finnish designers from the 1950s and the 1960s. About ten years ago Innolux started working closely with the heirs of designers with respect towards their original ideas and plans. Thanks to this collaboration these timeless high-quality lamps are available to this day in addition to our modern classics.


Aarre M riippuvalaisin Riippuvalaisin Innolux
Multi pöytävalaisin Pöytävalaisin Innolux
The Innolux Core collection consists of top-quality modern luminaires and modern classics that combine beautiful design with excellent light.


Valovoima pöytävalaisin Valkoinen Kirkasvalolaite Innolux
RED M punavalolaite punavalolaite Innolux
Innolux Health is a collection of bright light therapy devices and red light therapy devices. In this collection, you will find stylish lamps to promote overall well-being.