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The Innolux story

Losing something most people take for granted was life-altering for the founder of todays biggest lighting manufacturer in Finland.

In his early 20’s, Jukka Jokiniemi, who at the time was still an engineering student, was diagnosed with an incurable eye condition that would gradually leave him blind. The condition would not allow him to pursue his original career plans, but this did not put down the young and ambitious engineer, who would dedicate his career for good light.

As founder of Innojok, Jukka Jokiniemi has gathered a multidisciplinary group of motivated professionals around him to pursue his dream of delivering good light for everyone. Good light was a way to fight against the darkness closing in due to going blind. Meanwhile as Jukka Jokiniemi achieved his PhD in architecture, he gradually and successfully built his company together with talented top Finnish designers as well as bright light specialists, to become a leading provider of lighting solutions in the Finnish market.


Innolux is a pioneer in combining scientifically researched bright light therapy with good design. We have been manufacturing bright light devices in Finland since the early 1990s. The product development of our bright lights is based on years of solid experience, industry research and Finnish know-how.

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The Innojok's Innolux lighting collections include design classics from the Golden Era of Finnish design in the 1950’s and 60’s, and new designs by top contemporary Finnish designers. Innolux design lamps have been praised by both design critics and the general public, who have made our flagship model Lokki the most popular design lamp in Finland.

Our models have received multiple international awards Including Red Dot Design, Fennia Prize honorary mention, Wallpaper, European consumers choice awards and one of our classics, Modern Art, by Yki Nummi, has been included into the permanent collections of the New York Museum of Modern Art – MOMA. Innolux lighting collections include the Design and Bright product ranges. The Design Collection consists of high-quality modern and contemporary classic lamps that combine beautiful design with exceptionally good light. The Bright Collection is composed of multifunctional bright light devices promoting overall wellbeing with style. Both collections expand every year when new models are introduced.