Suomalaiset design-valaisimet: trendit 2021–2022

Finnish designer lamps: trends 2021–2022

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Designer lamps are an important part of Finnish interior design. The trends of the 2020s include timelessness, high quality, Finnishness and authentic materials.

In addition to the lamps being long-lasting, many people are interested in the story behind them: who designed the lamp? How durable is the material? Where were the lamps made?

It is worth investing in a high-quality lamp that suits your taste. A good lamp will stand out as a delightful feature of your interior every day, rather than being lost in the space.

The current trends in Finnish lamps fall into two categories:

1.) Designer lamps representing classical aesthetics. Such lamps are intended to be harmonious, elegant and suitably minimalist. Their attractiveness lies in their simplicity – they are not trying too hard or using unnecessary flourishes. Timelessness is a megatrend of our times, and it is unlikely to go out of fashion, especially in Finnish interior design.

2.) On the other hand, Finnish lamp trends also have room for innovation and bolder, more playful styles. Many people would like the lamp to be the focal point of the room. To this end, features such as bright colours, a more characterful design and the ability to fine-tune the lamp to the seasons inspire
people to reconsider conventional choices or provide the perfect fit for a brave style.

Take a look at some examples of both trends.

Finnish designer lamps: let the classics inspire you

Classic Finnish lamp trends are exemplified by champions backed by the best-known designers. The lamp is intended to be an eye-catching part of the room without overpowering the rest of the interior design. For this reason, durable, long-lasting Finnish design models that integrate readily into every space are a popular choice. There are plenty of these lamps in our Core and Heritage collections, for example.


A mouth-blown glass lamp is a timeless, sculptural object. Choose from three size options to find an elegant complement to your interior. Find out more


Simple elegance and dignity. A genuine brass dome effectively reflects the light downwards. The leather finishing on the handmade stand crowns the luxurious appearance. Find out more


The Sirri pendant lamp is made from genuine copper and brass. It is a true design classic from the 1960s. Find out more

Finnish designer lamps: let innovation inspire you

A lamp with a bolder design or playful colouring can invigorate a dull interior. Characterful design choices that solve many problems at once are a modern solution for lighting. For example, a high-quality bright light is good for the health and is an elegant design object in the space.


sula table lamp
Sula works equally well as an interior design lamp and as a vase. Try adding water, flowers or fun creations to the vase. Find out more


candeo bright light
Candeo is an award-winning Finnish designer lamp, the first – and currently only – pendant bright light on the market. Choose your favourite colour. Find out more


kuplat 400 lamp

Kuplat is available in a range of colours, including water green, sensual violet or lively yellow. Why not choose a design in a sumptuous colour? Find out more

What is lighting used for? Three tips for lighting your space

The professional design of a lamp encompasses careful consideration of the ideal distribution of light, leading to increased comfort. When you can see well, you will feel better. At the same time, you can transform the atmosphere of the space using light shining down in different ways.

If you have put a lot of effort into other aspects of your interior, you need a good distribution of light to do justice to the space. It all depends on the area where your light will be installed: do you want a bright light throughout the space, or would you prefer to create a contrast, for example, by highlighting certain elements and softening others?

For example, a lamp that distributes a bright, even light is perfect for the kitchen. More focused lighting may be better for a living room or lounge area where the light and shadow work together to create an atmosphere. The worst choice is to have lighting that is too weak overall, leaving the area feeling dark. It is also a good idea to avoid
using the same monotonous lighting in every room.

In summary, you can use lighting for three purposes:

1. Ensure suitable overall lighting

This refers to the light you need to see and do things in the room comfortably. It is more than just a boring fact of life in lighting – it is essential from the perspective of visibility and everyday life. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that your lighting level is at least adequate so that you do not end up squinting or feeling tired indoors.

2. Create an atmosphere

Adding more focused lighting – for example, on surfaces – enables you to emphasise the details of your interior and create an atmosphere. This purpose can be served in a characterful way by a lamp that breaks up the light by focusing it or
using patterns or design. In addition to ceiling lamps, the careful placement of floor and table lamps is ideal for this purpose.

3. Make the lamp the eye-catching point of the room

You can make the lamp the centrepiece of your room – a work of art in light. Many people choose to build their interior designs around an attractive, characterful or larger-than-normal lamp. Designer lamps are an effective way of communicating your preferences and stimulating discussion. Make the lamp the focus of your interior design and breathe new life into the space.

Finnish designer lamps from Innolux: order directly from our online store

Everyone is entitled to good light: it is an important factor in comfort and health. Our professionally designed lamps provide high-quality light distribution. Most of them are made at our factory in Kerava, Finland. When you order designer lamps from our online store, we will deliver them to you within 2–5 business days for no extra charge.

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