5 vinkkiä kodin valaistuksen suunnitteluun

5 tips to help you plan the lighting for your home

5 tips to help you plan the lighting for your home

1. Lighting should emphasize the good features of the room and hide undesirable features. For example, a small room should be illuminated with upward-pointing lights that broaden the sense of space when reflected from the walls and ceiling. In a spacious room, on the other hand, you may want to consider more spotlights, as the upward-pointing light can make it look threateningly large. In larger rooms, it is also important to get light from the entrance to the opposite corner, because if there is enough light, the room will look more open to the viewer.

2. Each room should have several different light sources to add depth and interest to the space. A good general luminaire as well as a few spotlights (e.g. table, wall and / or floor luminaire) are recommended. Each luminaire serves a different purpose and thus gives light where it is needed at any given time. ⠀

3. All interior lighting sources in the room should be set to the same color temperature. For example, a lamp with 4000K (K = Kelvin) produces cool white light and for that reason another lamp in the same room cannot be 2700K, as it illuminates with a warm yellowish light and as a result there is dissonance. Soft interior lighting is usually obtained with a 2700-3000K lamp. Here, however, keep in mind the purpose of the room, for example, the bedroom has a peaceful atmosphere with 2700K, while the color temperature suitable for the working space would be 4000K.

4. When planning the lighting of your home, it is advisable to consider the colours of the interior of the room. Dark colors absorb light and thus require more lighting, while light surfaces and textiles reflect light and less luminaires are needed in that case.

5. Good light is glare-free and does not strain the eye. When choosing luminaires, you should therefore pay attention to the ones in which the light passes evenly through the lamp dome or in which there is a sufficiently large lamp shade