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Light up your remote workstation!

Is the lighting in your workplace in order? Now that telecommuting is the word of the day, the importance of workspace ergonomics is further emphasized and the important role of light in it should not be underestimated. Lighting can affect the state of mind, as do other things. Uneven light coming from the wrong direction, reflections on the screen – even the small things matter. Improper lighting can interfere with concentration and decrease alertness, while effective workplace lighting can do wonders and help you cope better during the work day.

Keep the following in mind when choosing a desk lamp and placing it in your workspace:

1. The dimming feature of a luminaire is convenient, the amount and efficiency of light can be increased or decreased during the day when needed. At dusk, brighter light may be needed, while during the day there is enough of natural light.

2. Pure white light (e.g. 4000 K) has a refreshing effect and such lamp is well suited for the desk.

3. Easily movable and bendable lamp allows the light angle to be adjusted to suit you.

4. Good light is even, does not flicker, and does not dazzle. To prevent the light from glare, the luminaire must have a high-quality glare shield and the light source must not be exposed.

5. A light of luminaire which is directly in the field of vision is more dazzling than light coming from the side or from behind. To avoid shadows, the lamp should be placed on the opposite side of the writing hand. It is advisable to turn the computers screen away from the light beam of the luminaire, so that there are no reflections that interfere with vision on the screen.

The Valovoima LED bright light device, designed by Harri Koskinen, is an excellent choice as a desk lamp. The adjustable luminaire is easy to direct and thanks to its dimmer it can be used either as a normal work light or as a bright light device. It produces good flicker-free light and does not dazzle thanks to high-quality glare protection. The product family also includes floor and pendant lamps.